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Top 10 Points to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Continuous Band Sealer Machine

You can find many Continuous Band Sealer machine manufacturers and suppliers. The difficult decision is which heat-sealing machine to buy. First, be clear about your requirements. Why are you buying the machine? What is your budget for the buy? Are you looking for particular specifications? Are there suppliers located near your factory?

After deciding your requirements, research the market for the available models. Choose a machine closest to your requirement. Advent Packaging Solutions we enlist the machinery parameters that can help you make the buying decision.

Body material

The body material for a machine should be corrosion-resistant for long-lasting operation. Buy a Continuous Band sealer made of stainless steel or powder-coated metal alloys. These materials enhance the durability of the machine.

Vertical or Horizontal Seal

Your product packets may vary in dimensions and weight. Choose a Continuous Band sealer that operates when packs are placed either vertically or horizontally. Sealing speed, thickness, width, and length are other important parameters to check.


Contact a Continuous Band Sealer machine suppliers who offer a portable machine. It may be light in weight or have wheels installed. Such a machine allows for proper use of space.

Insulating heating bars

Heating bars that seal the packages should be made of insulators like Teflon or Kevlar. These materials provide appropriate heat to seal the plastic and not damage it.

Temperature control

The packaging material may be different for different products. The sealing temperature for thermoplastics may vary. Thus, it is ideal to have temperature control in the Continuous Band Sealer Machine.

Minimal operator help

The aim of installing a Shrink Packaging Machine in Delhi is to save time and cost of production. Thus, an ideal Continuous Band Sealer should need less assistance from the operator. It should have a pouch guidance slit to insert bags and an emergency stop switch to prevent mishaps.

Sanitary Design

Appropriate maintenance of machinery increases its life. Machine design should allow easy maintenance and prevent germ growth.

Filling station and computer interfaces

You can look for Continuous Band Sealer machines in Delhi for advanced functionality. With an attached filling station, the machine can fill as well as seal the packets. Computer interface-fitted sealer offers more control and can be aligned with the production line.

Printing wheel

You may choose a machine whose sealing wheel can be replaced with a printing wheel. Such machinery can print batch or date codes while sealing the package.


Before buying the machinery, compare the prices of different Continuous Band Sealer machines. The cost of the machine should not exceed your budget.


To make the best buy decision:

  • Explore the specifications of a Continuous Band Sealer machine.

Match them with your requirements.

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