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Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum Packing Machine Suppliers in Delhi

The usage of vacuum packing machine in Delhi is in high demand. It is widely used elsewhere for storing all kinds of items for longer than their usual expiry date.

The machine uses It uses the plastic rolls for sealing. These plastic rolls are sealed along the sides and are easily available in different sizes depending upon the kind of items to be sealed.   These days a vacuum packing machine suppliers would help in cutting plastic bags of appropriate sizes and then seal it using the vacuum process. It sucks the air out of the bag and simultaneously seals it using the heat band. 

This packing is used widely for food packing so as to prevent it from air and moisture. It can be used to pack all kinds of items, be it Dry, frozen, or freeze-dried. We are a leading Vacuum Packing Machine Suppliers in Delhi & NCR. We supply the vacuum sealing equipment across the whole of India. We have gained the trust of providing prompt services to our clients for the machines if required. We have established a reputation in the industry and have contributed to store items safely. These machines are available in a few variants. A customer may choose from the range of our machines. The scale of a business and the budget are important to be considered when choosing a machine for the business.
Model APVP 500/2SB
Chamber Double (SS Hull)
Voltage (V/Hz) 440 / 50
Vacuum pump power (W) 1500
Sealing Power (W) 750
Sealing Width (mm) 10
Lowest Pressure of vacuum 1
Chamber (KPa)
Sealing Position of Vacuum 2
Volume Chamber Bulk (LxWxH)(mm) 580x550x110
Sealing Length (mm) 500
Air Charging Volume for 40
Vacuum Pump (m3/h) Stainless Steel
Material for Vacuum Case 1260x780x960
Weight (kg) 220
With Gas Flushing Timing Regulation “With Gas Flushing Timing Regulation

Using a Vacuum Packing Machine in Delhi offers several benefits, including extended shelf life for food products, prevention of freezer burn, and protection against moisture and contaminants. This is especially useful for businesses looking to maintain the quality and freshness of their products.

You can find reliable Vacuum Packing Machine suppliers in Delhi by searching online directories, visiting local markets, or checking with industry associations. It’s important to read reviews and compare prices to find a supplier that meets your needs.

A Vacuum Packing Machine can package a wide range of products, including food items like meat, cheese, vegetables, and dry goods. It can also be used for non-food items such as electronics, medical supplies, and other products that require protection from air and moisture.

To maintain and clean your Vacuum Packing Machine, regularly wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth, clean the sealing bar and chamber with a mild detergent, and ensure the vacuum pump is free of debris. Regular maintenance checks by professionals can also help prolong the machine’s life.

When choosing a Vacuum Packing Machine in Delhi, consider factors such as the size and type of machine, the capacity and speed of packaging, the reputation of Vacuum Packaging Machine Manufacturers, and the availability of after-sales service and support. It’s also helpful to get recommendations from other businesses or industry experts.

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