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How does the Semi-Automatic Continuous Band Sealer machine help in Packaging?

Proper packaging protects your product, attracts your customer, and gives you an advantage over the competitors. But, how much time, money, and effort should you spend in packaging your products? To hasten your packaging operations with ease and affordability, install heat-sealing machines at your manufacturing units.

Now, while you need faster bagging operation, your manufacturing capacity may not require expenditure on fully automated machinery. The best solution is to contact a Continuous Band Sealer machine manufacturer or supplier. Commonly used in the pharmaceutical, food, beverages, chemical, engineering and industrial, and cosmetics packaging industry, the Continuous Band Sealer machine is the solution to your bagging operation woes.


A semi-automated machine, the Continuous Band Sealer can seal bottles, jars, cartons, boxes, bags, and pouches. It can heat-seal any thermoplastic such as polyethylene, polypropylene, lamination, or foil. It is capable of sealing packets with thicknesses between 500 microns to 10mm. Vertical and horizontal seals are possible by adjusting the height of the conveyor belt.

Fast and operator-friendly

The business of Continuous Band Sealer machine Suppliers flourishes because their machine secures packages with high-strength seals in no time. The speed of the conveyor belt can be increased for faster operation. The operator only feeds the bags in the machine for sealing. An emergency stop switch and pouch guide on the conveyor makes the machine user-friendly. The temperature control ensures perfect sealing without any adversity.

Easy to maintain and use

The Continuous Band Sealer machine, made from stainless steel or powder-coated metal alloys, is corrosion-resistant. The machine design restricts microbial growth and allows cleaning quickly and effortlessly. Due to its lightweight, the movement of the machine is comfortable. An air cooling system prevents the machine from overheating. Moreover, insulators, like Teflon or Kevlar, in the heating bars release the right amount of heat to seal the plastic but not burn it.  

Technological advancements

While the Continuous Band Sealer machine seals pre-filled bags, it is possible to attach a filling station with the machine. The pharmaceutical industry requires barcoding of the products. A Strapping Machine can be equipped with an ink printing system to add codes and other details to the seal. Manufacturers are producing sealing machines with greater control of operation parameters by instating features like touchscreen PC. Continuous Band Sealer machines in Delhi are available with such advancements.

Bottom line

Install the Continuous Band Sealer acmhine at your manufacturing unit.

  • To increase production rates without high cost and space requirements.
  • The semi-automatic sealing machine is portable, easy to maintain, and allows control of operating parameters.
  • It requires minimal operator assistance.

It can seal thermoplastic bags of different sizes, quantities, and thicknesses.

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