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Hydraulic Pallet Truck in Delhi

Hydraulic Pallet Truck Machine in Delhi, Hydraulic Pallet Truck Machine Manufacturers

Pellet trucks are extremely useful and popular in materials handling and storage equipment. The Hydraulic Pallet Truck Machines have increased the efficiency in workplaces like warehouses, factories, and retail stores, where pallets are to be raised and kept in multiple layers.

The Hydraulic Pallet Truck Machines in Delhi are also available with attached weighing scales.

We are a leading Hydraulic Pallet Truck Machine Manufacturer in Delhi & NCR. We have greatly assisted in packing and assembling of volumes of goods at heavy workload places. We are trusted for providing prompt maintenance and upkeep of the palettes machines as well.
If your business needs to move volumes of items to short or long distances, it requires at least one pallet truck to assist in operations. Larger warehouses or factory floors may require multiple pallet jacks. Please contact us to help assess your requirement depending upon the available space.
It is one of the most versatile material moving equipment in the industry. It helps in moving smaller and bigger goods easily from one location to another. It also helps in stacking goods on top of another.
The hydraulic pallet trucks may be manually or electrically powered. It requires experienced operators too.

Model Pallet Truck APPT 2.0 (Heavy Duty) APPT 3.0 (Heavy Duty)
Capacity (Kg) 2000 3000
Min. fork Height (mm) 85 85
Max. fork Height (mm) 195 195
Lifting height (mm) 110 110
Fork Length (mm) 1150 1150
Single fork Width (mm) 160 160
Fork overall width (mm) 675 675
Fork wheel single (mm) 80×93 80×93
Fork wheel tandem (mm) 180×50 180×50
Steering wheel (mm) 180 180
Weight (Kg) 85 85
Quantity 01 01
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