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Continuous Band Sealer Machine

Continuous Band Sealer Machine Manufacturers in Delhi

The mechanical packaging has given rise to a number of packaging machinery worldwide. One of the most popular packaging machinery is the continuous band sealer machine. The continuous band sealer machine in Delhi is very popular among all businesses.

A continuous band sealer, also known as continuous bag sealing machine, plays a significant role in semi-automatic bag packing process. It may be used to work with a filling machine also. 

The operator needs to take a bag filled with required items to seal the mouth of the bag. The mouth sealing is done after the filling & weighing process. The users can adjust heating temperature, conveyer moving speed, and the sealing wheel pressure. The sealing wheel can be replaced with a press printing wheel, which can print the date code or batch code when sealing the bag.

This machine is used worldwide by small business enterprises (SMEs) for its compact design, height flexibility, wide versatility, low failure rate, and users’ friendliness.

We are a leading Continuous Band Sealer Machine Suppliers. We supply the packaging equipment across India. We have also gained the trust of providing prompt and efficient services for the machines we supply if required.

We have established a reputation in the industry and have contributed to the safe and compact packaging of the items.

It is an affordable machine for the businesses that are new or are just starting up.

Model APPTAPCS 1000L APCS 1000V
Voltage (V/Hz) 220/50 220/50
Power (W) 650 650
Sealing Speed (m/min.) 0~12 (0.16) 0~12 (0.16)
Sealing Width (mm) 8~10 8~10
Temperature range (Deg. C) 0~300 0~300
Distance from the sealing center to the conveying table (mm) 10~40 150~270
Conveyor size (Lx W) mm 840 x 153 840 x 153
Film Thickness (mm) 0.08 0.08
Single Conveyor Loading (Kg) 1 1
Overall Conveyor Loading (Kg) 3 3
Overall Dimension (LxWxH) mm 840 x 380 x 320 840 x 380 x 320
Net Weight (Kg) 32 37

A Continuous Band Sealer Machine is a type of packaging machine used to seal bags and pouches continuously. It works by feeding the open end of the bag into the machine, where the heating elements and sealing belts create a secure and airtight seal. This machine is ideal for high-speed sealing operations.

A Continuous Band Sealer Machine can seal a variety of materials including plastic, aluminum foil, and paper bags. This makes it versatile for packaging different types of products such as food, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer goods.

There are many reputable Continuous Band Sealer Machine Suppliers in Delhi who offer high-quality machines with various specifications. It’s important to choose a supplier with good reviews and a proven track record for providing durable and efficient machines.

When choosing a Continuous Band Sealer Machine in Delhi, consider factors such as the machine’s sealing speed, compatibility with different bag materials, ease of use, and the availability of maintenance services. Checking customer reviews and after-sales support is also crucial.

Yes, several Continuous Band Sealer Machine Manufacturers in Delhi offer customization options to meet specific packaging needs. These manufacturers can tailor the machine’s design and features to suit the requirements of different industries, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

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