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Induction Sealing Machine

Induction Sealing Machine

In the present world, most of the customers prefer readymade materials or items to be delivered at their home. Marketing, Selling, and Buying are moving towards the Digitalization. In Digital Selling and Buying, the product needs to be packed and delivered from one part to the other part of the country safely without any damage. The high volume product demands need high quality and faster packaging. Various procedures of Sealing and Strapping have been adapted to deal with the needs in the market of the packaging industry.

Induction sealing machines in Delhi provides you the automated Sealing machines. Sustainability, Leak prevention, and Freshness are ensured while sealing your goods. We guarantee you the uniformity in sealing, sealing without any internal breakage due to temperature and pressure. 

Induction sealing machine manufactures can provide you the best Sealing machine depending on your Size and shape of products. We can provide you the Fully automatic or Semi-automatic machines for your conveyorized production lines. We are a trusted and foremost Induction sealing machine suppliers for a huge variety of industries and contributed them for packaging of the high volume of products in a definite time. For any range of customer’s budget and requirement, we provide Induction sealing machines in Delhi at a very affordable price and High quality.

Model APIS 135 (Manual Model)
Voltage(V/Hz) AC 220/50
Power (W) 500
Heal Diameter (mm) 20-135
Delivering speed N/A
Vessel height Absoluteness
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 340x290x150
Weight (kg) 5
Capacity 0-100 Pc./min

An Induction Sealing Machine is a device used to seal containers with foil to ensure product safety and prevent leakage. It uses electromagnetic induction to create heat and bond the foil to the container. This is a common method for sealing bottles and jars in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.


An Induction Sealing Machine works by generating an electromagnetic field through a coil. When a foil-lined cap passes through the field, the foil heats up and melts the sealing material, creating a secure bond with the container. This process ensures a tamper-evident seal, keeping the contents fresh and safe.


You can find reliable Induction Sealing Machine suppliers in Delhi by searching online directories, visiting industrial equipment markets, or contacting manufacturers directly. It’s important to choose a supplier with good reviews, after-sales support, and a range of machine options to suit your needs.


Induction Sealing Machines are commonly used in industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals. They are essential for sealing products like sauces, medicines, shampoos, and chemical solutions to ensure product integrity and safety.

When purchasing an Induction Sealing Machine in Delhi, consider factors like the machine’s compatibility with your container sizes, its speed and efficiency, ease of operation, and the level of after-sales support provided by the supplier. It’s also crucial to compare prices and read customer reviews to make an informed decision.

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