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Are you buying a shrink packaging machine for your factory? Here are 7 essential features to help you choose.

Flexible packaging forms 33% of the Indian packaging industry. Moreover, it experiences an annual growth of 25%. Thus, there is great potential for flexible packaging methods, materials, and machines in India. Shrink packaging is the latest trend in the flexible packaging sector. As a result, there is a high demand for shrink packaging machines in Delhi and throughout the country.

In the market, there is a variety of shrink wrapping machines. They can be hand-held, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. Broadly, there are four categories – shrink tunnel, shrink chamber, L sealer shrink tunnel, and web sealer shrink tunnel. A single machine or separate machines can seal the shrink film and apply heat.

You can decide which of these machines to buy depending on your product, manufacturing capacity, budget. Nonetheless, compare different machines for the following features before you buy one.

Sealing strength

Shrink packaging machine manufacturers may produce a machine with a sealing knife and cutter of different compositions – nichrome, nanofiber, Teflon. Choose a machine with a quality knife and cutter for firm sealing without cracking or coking. Also, a mechanism to prevent overheating of the sealing knife should be in place.

Body composition

Choose a machine made of stainless steel or metal alloys because they resist corrosion. Also, verify that the body has an additional insulating external layer. This layer prevents heat dissipation and ensures safety against burns.

Energy efficiency

Shrink packaging to increase productivity and sales, reduce costs and save time. The purpose is lost if the Strapping Machine consumes excessive power. Energy efficiency is an essential criterion while selecting the machine. An in-built cooling system, an effective heating system, adjustable power supply, and heat-preserving body layer make the machine energy efficient.

Airflow technology

Buy a machine with airflow technology. This technology maintains the flow of air such that the heat distributes evenly within the machine. As a result, there are no wrinkles, bubbles, and unevenness in the shrink packaging.

Control parameters

An ideal shrink packaging machine should have a temperature, conveyor speed, power supply, and air cooling controllers. Such controllers allow you to run operations in the desired setting. Height adjustment of a shrink tunnel or shrink chamber is also beneficial. Some machines may be equipped with automatic temperature controls.

Ease of maintenance

The packaging machine should be robust and designed for long-lasting operation.

Use multiple heat-shrinkable films

There is a multitude of shrink films like PP, PVC, POF, LDPE, etc. It is best to buy a machine compatible to operate with a large number of plastic films.

Low noise production, quick starting up time, customization of conveyor load capacity are other features to look for before buying shrink packaging machinery.

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